To Complain or Not to Complain. That is the question.

To Complain or Not to Complain.  That is the question. Workers in the Age of Social Media In the age of Twitter and social media postings, we have many opportunities to complain and air our grievances. Far be it from me to preach restraint or raise the ire of free speech advocates.  However, as we […]

A Worker Advocate’s Advice to Workers

I am an advocate for workers and I am proud to represent good workers who have lost their jobs as a result of discrimination and other unlawful reasons.  However in my 25 plus years as a lawyer and an employer, I have seen my share of bad workers as well. As American workers face mass […]

Fake Documents, I-9s, Perjury and Arbitration

Human resources officials are people too . . . as well as employees.  Some think that as a worker side employment attorney I am always at odds with human resources officials, but that is not true.  Yes, those HR folks are often adverse witnesses in cases involving my clients, but I know firsthand that good […]

The Employer’s Arbitration Manifesto (if they just told the truth about it)

GREETINGS WORKER: By accepting a job with this company, you have agreed to the company’s ARBITRATION AGREEMENT.  The following explains why I, the employer, can do this. I am POWERFUL.  YOU are POWERLESS.   I therefore can CONTROL every aspect of our relationship. You are easily replaceable. I have no reverence for you, or your struggles, […]

Labor Day Observations from a Texas Employment Lawyer

Labor Day is celebrated each year to honor American workers.  A nation can show no greater honor to its workers than to ensure respect through safe working conditions, fair pay and benefits, and a work environment free of discrimination.   That includes protections against pay disparity between the sexes, as well discrimination against older workers, pregnant […]