Thank you in advance for allowing us to review your case. This initial screening is no charge, and it is meant to determine whether a later consultation can be scheduled with Mr. Wenke.

This questionnaire should take you around 15 minutes to complete and is confidential. We will try to respond by e-mail within one business day to inform you on whether we can provide you a consultation, or if we need additional information from you.

If a consultation is given, the following is our consultation fee:

A. Litigation matter (up to 60 min.)


    To determine whether you have a potential legal claim against an employer

    If you seek a consultation to discuss a Litigation Matter, please click HERE

B. Employment Contract, Severance Agreement, Non-Compete Agreement Review and Consultation (up to 60 min.)

    $300.00 (for review of documents 15 pages or less.)

    If you seek a consultation to discuss a employment contract, severance agreement, or non compete agreement review please click HERE

C. Non-litigation matters (up to 60 min.)


    To discuss issues regarding your employer in which a lawsuit is pre-mature, not desired or not warranted, but advice is sought to determine legal

    rights or future strategies.

    If you seek a consultation to discuss a Non-Litigation Matter, please click HERE

The below intake is for potential litigation cases (discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, demotion / non-promotion and terminations).